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Since 2015 Nasty Juice have been creating a revolutionary experience with their aluminum bottles and  pouring technology without compromising on their flavours.

Born in Malaysia in September 2015, Nasty Juice vowed to take the world of e-liquid to new heights. Nasty Juice have grown over the past couple of years and are renowned for their intricacy and attention to detail, even in the bottles of their liquids. This is to bring a new experience to purchasing an e-liquid, where the experience starts on the outside of the bottle to really bring the ‘wow’ factor. In April of 2016, Nasty Juice set sail to the K, bringing the unique vape liquid experience to the British. By the end of 2016, Nasty Juice had set sail again.

Their aim is to bring their e-liquid globally and help to bring the Nasty Juice experience to all vapers from around the different corners of the world. With the high first impressions of the liquid being imposed from outside of the bottle, the juice inside must live up to these expectations and Nasty Juice does not disappoint. Some of their range includes fruity flavours, such as Wicked Haze which comes in flavours such as blackcurrant or grape, to their Devil’s Teeth range, which comes in a delicious honeydew.