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In their own words, “only one company can serve nostalgia in a bottle” and Dinner Lady does not let you down. With their many awards, they’re a proven company that wants to share their flavours with the world. From starting the company, it took 2 years to be featured internationally with appearances on ‘The One Show’ and to be featured in ‘The Huffington Post’. They truly believe and love what they do and it’s very clear that this is the case, from their impressive collection of prestigious awards and large fan base.

Dinner Lady Flavours

They have a range of nostalgic flavours, from desserts and sweets to their ‘Ice’ and ‘Tobacco’. Within their desserts range and sweet range you can find some tastes to take you back to your time as a child, with flavours such as lemon sherbet and bubble-gum. Their Ice and Tobacco range will help you to feel as if you’re still smoking a cigarette if you go for the Tobacco range, or as if you’re on holiday with the fruity flavours of the Ice range. With all the liquids being a balances 70% Vegetable Glycerin and 30% Propylene Glycol, you can expect a smooth it every time.